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Chairman's Message

Unveiling LEPONO's
WITH Journey

Tiles are no longer merely surface covering options; instead, they are now decorative accents that may change the atmosphere of a space. In light of this change, the LEPONO team works diligently to develop durable and fashionable vitrified tiles that can withstand the test of time and also make fashion statements for the proud owner. Without a thorough investigation, nothing happens at LEPONO. We do the necessary testing to keep up with market trends and incorporate improvements. I'd also like to say that through developing novel concepts, we constantly uphold our reputation for originality and innovation. As part of our global expansion strategy, we have assembled a group of devoted experts who strengthen our network and broaden our influence. Serving exotic products and lifestyle solutions while minimizing environmental impact will be our top priority. Being environmentally responsible and doing as little harm to nature as possible is one of our guiding principles.

Mr. Nilesh Desai

( C.E.O )